Who are the Top Rated Homeowners Insurance Companies in Florida?

The top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida are Tower Hill Insurance Group, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Federated National Insurance Company, Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. and State Farm. These ratings change in due course of time. Every insurance company reviews its policies and some become more expensive, coverage in some cases is reduced and there are other clauses that make those propositions less or more unfavorable.


Likewise, insurers also come up with better policies and that has a direct impact on their ratings. Claims and the steadfastness with which insurers respond is also crucial and it must influence your decision. Let us explore why these are the top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida right now.



Tower Hill Insurance


Tower Hill Insurance Group has various policies with extensive coverage. You can get standard coverage and you may choose specific coverage for valuables, identity theft, sewer and water among others. You may go for a specific flood insurance coverage. The company does specialize in such types of policies.


This insurer is the second largest in the state and that is obviously for more than one reason. You can get generous coverage for similar annual costs of insurance policies from Tower Hill compared to many other insurers operating in Florida.



State Farm


State Farm is a national insurer. It is not the only one operating in the state but it is by far the most reliable insurer. It has an amazing rating from residents all across the state of Florida. The insurer has a comprehensive range of coverage. You may choose the umbrella liability coverage or personal property coverage.


State Farm also has identity theft coverage. You may also qualify for a handsome discount if you have home and auto insurance with State Farm. Similar policies of State Farm and Tower Hill have some differences in annual costs. Tower Hill may be marginally cheaper than State Farm in many cases.



Citizens Property Insurance


Citizens Property Insurance Corporation does not have all kinds of policies but it is a state powered insurer and its programs are available to all. The insurer does offer discounts if you choose to install burglar alarms, fire alarms and other safety systems, perhaps to mitigate damage caused by strong winds during a storm. Such discounts can bring down the cost of your insurance substantially.



Universal Insurance Holdings


Universal Insurance Holdings is the largest insurer in the state. It is also a little more difficult to deal with. The standard coverage is easy to understand but its additional coverage can complicate matters. FedNat Insurance Company is not the most transparent of insurers in the state but it does have a wide array of policies.


Listed above are the top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida. Always keep these companies in mind while shopping for coverage. Remember that they can provide you with excellent service at a price you can afford.


Saving Money on Homeowners Insurance in Texas


For many people, their home is their largest and most important investment. Over the long term, it is important to protect this asset with the proper insurance coverage. Many people believe that they can save money on their insurance by getting lousy coverage. Although this may work in the short term, over the long term this can actually end up costing more money. When there is a crisis with your home, it pays to have quality insurance coverage. There are some other ways that you can save money on your monthly insurance costs. Here are a couple of things that homeowners in Texas can do in order to save money on monthly insurance costs.

Shop Around for Coverage

One of the most important things to do in order to save money is to shop around for coverage. There are a lot of people that have been able to save money on their coverage by simply looking around to see what the competition has. At the end of the day, there is no excuse to not shop around a little bit. The internet has made it easier than ever before to look at what different companies have to offer. If you are wanting to save money on your insurance coverage, go ahead and start shopping around now. Many companies will offer a discount on your home insurance coverage if you tell them that you are looking at other companies.

Bundle Coverage

Another important way to save money on your homeowners insurance in Texas is to bundle coverage. There are many ways in which this can be a way to save money. A lot of insurance companies will offer reduced rates on insurance coverage if you will get your auto coverage from them as well. Always check to make sure that your insurance company will give you a discount before you save money. There are many people that can save thousands of dollars per year on their insurance costs by simply bundling coverage. For many homeowners, the insurance coverage is their most important insurance coverage that they have. Always take this into consideration when deciding what type of coverage you want.

Reduce Risk

An insurance company charges insurance rates based upon the perceived risk of the person who is getting the coverage. The more risky a home is to insure, the more expensive it will be to get coverage. A homeowner needs to reduce the risk of coverage in any way possible. Over the long term, these little changes can make a big difference in the amount of money it will take to insure a property. The good news is that this is something that homeowners can start working on today. Anyone who wants to reduce the risk of their property can do so through a variety of different ways. If there are things that are risky in your home, take steps today to reduce that risk.

Final Thoughts

The state of Texas has a lot of homeowners insurance options for people who live within the borders. For many people, the cost to insure their home is one of the most expensive coverage policies that they have to pay for. However, it will often cost more money in the long run to use a cheap policy to insure your home. There are other ways that a homeowner can save money on his or her policy. For example, take steps today to reduce areas of the home that are risky to live in. This can make your rates drop dramatically over a period of time.

How Wildfires Are Impacting Texas Homeowners Insurance Rates

In 2011, almost every area of Texas was assaulted by wildfires. It was a year with some of the state’s worst wildfires on record. Unfortunately, the chaos hasn’t died off completely, and Texas is still dealing with severe wildfires.

If you have homeowners insurance in Texas, it’s important to understand that local insurance companies can raise rates based on your area. In other words, the cost of insurance is likely to be higher in areas that are currently experiencing increased wildfire activity.

Some Californians have witnessed a doubling of the cost of their insurance, but the cost of homeowners insurance in Texas is still extremely high.

Finding the Right Homeowners Insurance in Texas

To combat the issue of wildfires, many Texans have installed a 50-foot lawn, which serves as a buffer between their home and the fire. Others have started installing landscaping that is capable of resisting wildfires.

The problem is that many properties in Texas still have a high risk rating, so landlords are still paying more money for homeowners insurance in Texas. In some areas, the problem has become so dire that homeowners are considering moving away or finding a better quote.

Many California residents are paying even more money for their insurance premiums than Texan residents. The major contributor to the large number of wildfires in Texas is a series of droughts, which significantly increases the risk of wildfires.

Insurers are scared and want to avoid another repeat of the Rim fire, which scorched over 250,000 acres. Homeowners insurance in Texas is rising because of devastating wildfires.

Widespread Wildfires

Unfortunately, the wildfire problem is far more widespread than most people think, and it’s causing Texans to pay more for homeowners insurance in Texas. While California is being hit hard, other states are also feeling the pain.

Core Logic’s 2015 Wildfire Hazard Risk says there are 900,000 homes across 13 different states that are considered high risk for wildfire damage. If all of these homes were to get leveled by wildfires, it would cost over $236 billion dollars to fix the damage, and the cost of homeowners insurance in Texas would increase more.

An interesting fact is that this number is much higher than it was in 2013, which means the risk level is going up. The main cause of the increase is the sheer number of wildfires. The majority of the high-risk properties are located in Texas, Colorado and California.

The total value of the high-risk properties in these three states exceeds $35 billion. In terms of fire danger, one of the top five geographical areas is New Braunfels, Texas. Another top area is Round Rock, Texas. Wildfires are widespread and affecting many areas of Texas, which is why homeowners insurance in Texas is becoming more expensive.

Why Insurance Companies Are Forced To Raise Rates

If you have homeowners insurance in Texas, it might be difficult to understand why insurance companies raise their rates. Many Texans would prefer to pay the same rate.

A lot of residents actually believe rates should go down over time. The reason why insurance companies are raising their rates is because they must hedge against the risk associated with wildfires.

Since they’ll be forced to pay for all of the homes that burn down in drought-stricken areas of Texas, they must raise the cost of premiums. Although wildfires are common problems in Texas, tornados shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Some insurance have stopped writing policies for certain areas because they’re become too risky. For example, many Florida insurance companies have stopped selling policies to people in areas that have been massacred by hurricanes.

How You Can Combat Wildfire Rate Increases

If you pay for homeowners insurance in Texas, then you know you could be affected by wildfires. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips for Texans who live in high-risk areas. You can start by moving grass, branches and leaves away from your home.

This will help you to create a defensible space and pay less for homeowners insurance in Texas. Another tip is to repair missing roof tiles or shingles, which prevents embers from penetrating your home. While there is nothing that you can do to stop the wildfires raging across the lone star state, you can use these tips and avoid becoming another statistic.

Auto Insurance Texas 144

In many cases, premiums for cheap car insurance tend to make sense. People who live in areas where car crime is higher will usually pay more, to put one example out there. However, that’s not nearly the only thing that a company will investigate in order to determine your premium.

Other times, even cheap car insurance doesn’t seem to make sense. For instance, some insurers get the idea that surgeons tend to get into more accidents and that Virgos tend to be less careful on the roads. In other words, even cheap car insurance companies will have to base a premium on your age, sex, city within Texas, where you normally drive and what it is you normally drive.

You still have some control over lowering your cost to get truly cheap car insurance, however. There are six ways in particular you can ensure you’re getting the most value for the most discount.

1. Use a proper job title

This is a problem that happens across several industries. For instance, you’re going to pay a bit more if you described yourself as a chef to the cheap car insurance company compared to what you would pay if you instead described yourself as “kitchen staff.”

This is also true if you were described as a “music teacher” instead of a “teacher,” or if you were an “office manager” instead of an “office administrator,” so on and so forth. If you do more than one thing at your job, be sure to examine the average cheap car insurance quote for each job description before deciding on what to call yourself. For instance, if you’re a stay-at-home parent, that saves quite a bit more compared to being “unemployed.”

2. Bring on another experienced driver

If you claim to a cheap car insurance company that another person is the primary driver of a vehicle, this is not legal since you are the owner and main driver. However, it is legal to add a second person on to your policy, which can help save you money in the long run if they have plenty of experience on the road.

Naturally, you’ll need to get their permission first, but then you can include another driver to your cheap car insurance policy who has spent years on the road without any recent claims or any problems with their license.

3. Take your time and do your research

Frantically looking around for a cheap car insurance company just days before you’re set to renew with your current policy is a quick way to waste money by missing ideal discounts and cheap car insurance options. You can save hundreds of dollars just by taking care of your research three weeks before the due date.

Even if you feel you have some of the best cheap car insurance in Texas, be sure you go through the annual comparison anyway. Those who automatically accept their renewal at the quote tend to pay hundreds of dollars extra on car insurance annually.

4. Pay up in advance

A cheap car insurance company can charge interest if you pay the premium throughout 12 months instead of doing it all at once. You’ll save a significant amount of money if you are capable of paying for the full year’s coverage in one single payment up front.

5. Go for cheap car insurance

What do you currently pay for in your cheap car insurance policy? Are your windscreen and breakdown costs covered? Will theft be covered? Remember that all of the extras that you add on to the policy increase the overall cost of the premium. Not only that, but you might actually already be covered for something with another thing you have, such as with AA or with home insurance.

Be sure to comb through your cheap car insurance policy to ensure there isn’t anything extra you’re paying for that you don’t need to be.

6. Check deductible on policies

The deductible on your policy will determine what you’re paying on a claim. The lower that you have set as this, the higher the premiums will be. That means you will want to figure out how much you can reasonably afford to pay in an accident and agree to as high a deductible as you can. That will give you the lowest monthly cost.